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Nursing Memoir

in Quilts

Nursing & Caring is a collection of memoir art quilts designed and created by Terri Pauser Wolf, RN, MS about her 20-year career in oncology nursing. The series illustrates experiences from nursing school to expert nurse. The artwork is designed to give viewers a peek into nursing and oncology care. See each art piece in the series and read the stories. 


The series is available for exhibit and Terri can provide workshops on the arts and self care.

Quilt Studio, Port Ludlow, Textile Art
Quilts with stories, Textile Art


A Story

Life offers many precious moments to capture in fabric and thread. I created the Stitch-a-Story method to go beyond the hundreds of snapshots in my photo library. By combining a special experience with photos transferred to fabric and embellishment with stitching, I have a lasting memory of the event. I use this method to create gifts for special occasions and memorialize family members. These projects are quick to work up and are displayed over plexiglass frames. Learn more about making these quilts and enjoy my personal gallery of stitched stories.

Terri Wolf, Textile Art Studio, Port Ludlow, Washingto

Bright bursts of color to liven up home décor. Each art piece imbued with story.

quilt maker
terri wolf studio - quilt maker website
Quilt Textile Shop - Seattle
Quilt maker Port Ludlow
Textile art - quilts
quilt textile art
Pacific Northwest - Quilt Maker - Port Ludlow
When I needed an idea for an art quilt series, I looked to the hundreds of photographs that I had from years of visiting Oregon and Washington. Cannon Beach emerged as a favorite vacation spot to get out of the heat and humidity of the Midwest or the Sacramento Valley and it became the inspiration for this series. 






Quilts with Abstract Alphabet design
The Alphabet series started with an assignment in an online abstract drawing class. Sara Post [add link] invited us to create an asemic alphabet. Asemic describes art marks that have no specific semantic meaning but may look like letters or handwriting. I created an asemic alphabet in black and white on paper and used it for a pattern to make alphabet series.

Burst of Colors

I love color—all hues and shades and tints and the brighter the better. Art making is my happy place and joy comes to me from the color wheel. The art pieces in this section were made for fun and feature original designs.

Colorful Quilts - Textile Art
Quiltwith fun patterns - uilt Studio online store

Just For Fun

Sometimes I just need to have some fun with fabric. It might be for enrichment or stress relief and the bonus is there is a piece of art at the end. The artworks were created as I tried new techniques and explored all there is to do with fabric and thread. I hope you enjoy them as much as did making them.
Quilts with food images - textile art


To develop this series based on sweet treats, I started with photographs of favorite foods and whipped up foods that I crave in fabric. Recipes not included.

Circle Play

quilt, textile art, circle patterns
The circle is a design element that I keep coming back to again and again. I find all kinds of places for this shape. Some circles are whole and others just an outline. Enjoy these artworks where circles are a strong feature.

A Studio By The Sea

Textile Art & Writing

Terri Wolf Studio - Textile Art

Paintings created

with fabric

tell a story

in vivid colors.

Terri Wolf Studio is a vibrant gallery for textile art, showcasing the beautiful work of Terri Wolf, a writer and nurse turned textile artist. Terri's studio invites you to explore the color and playfulness of her fabric creations and to be inspired to create your own art. 
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